What after passing 10th class?

So you have passed your tenth board exams and now the time has finally come to make the decision which, I will not say is going to decide for the rest of your life but it will surely decide for upcoming five to six years of your life, it will decide whether you are going to enjoy your journey or just going to pray throughout your journey that somehow you don’t meet with any accident and reach your destination safely.

Yes you are right it’s time to decide your stream or should I say whether you want to become an engineer or a doctor or a chartered accountant, because at this point of time in any Indian students life they are aware of only these three options, they only know that to become an engineer one has to take up Science(PCB), to become a doctor one has to pursue Science(PCB), to become CA one has to take up Commerce and the ones who are not good at studies takes up Arts subjects.What they don’t know is, that, this system is nothing but a stone aged million dollar trap.

Before I go any further I would like share one personal story which I believe will be very helpful to you while making the decision on your stream selection.

I was at my class 12th chemistry coaching class and in the middle of the class came a student to inquire about the new batch for class 11th although our teacher got little upset on getting disturbed in the middle of the class but he kept his cool and welcomed the kid and asked him about his marks in 10th std. He showed him his mark sheet then after skimming over his mark sheet he asked him why are you getting into science despite scoring so well in social sciences and not so well in maths and science, he then replied that you don’t worry Sir I will work very hard and I can handle it, after listening to his answer my teacher assigned him a fresh batch and the boy left.

After the boy left the class he(teacher) asked us what do you think about his decision to take up Science, most of us were of the view that the boy seemed very motivated and he might be able to get through it with the hard work he is ready to put in.

To this our chemistry teacher said something that got stuck in my mind, although it might not sound something extraordinary or something that we don’t know but sometimes most obvious things needs to be said in order to wake you up from your deep slumber, he said: If this boy is really going to put in the amount hard work and dedication into his studies as he has promised then he should apply that energy into social science instead of science, that way he will be more successful and happy in his life he further said it’s not about  just spending your energy, it’s about channeling your efforts and labors in right direction, that is, where your strength lies.

 At that moment only thing running through my mind was, why I didn’t hear these words before when I took up science despite being good at humanities.But nevertheless, I altered my mistake and took up humanities for graduation.

The moral of the story is that don’t go for popular opinion blindly, measure your strengths and weaknesses before hurrying into your decision because if you fall for popular opinions you will suffer like hell for many upcoming years of your life, that I can tell you from my personal experience.

So now the question arises how do you decide which stream is best for you?  to get an answer to that read the classifications given below carefully.


who should go for it?

  • If you have liked maths and science throughout your school days and have scored quite well.
  • If you have always been fascinated by modern-day technology and it intrigues you.
  • If you enjoyed studying your physics and chemistry books in ninth and tenth std. and topics like motion, gravitational force, chemical reactions, atoms and molecules etc left you with a feeling that it’s not enough I want to know more about them.

who should not go for it?

  • If you have just nearly passed your maths exams all your school life Concepts of Physics 1and your basic concepts in maths are not clear, then trust me your life will be miserable for next two years at least if you end up with science(PCM)
  • If your interest lies somewhere else but you are choosing science stream because your parents said engineers earn in millions and all your friends are also taking up science so you feel you will be left out.


who should go for it?

  • If the corporate world seems grand and glamorous to you and you wish if someday you could be part of that lifestyle.
  • If you have always been curious about share market and how Sensex and nifty works.
  • If you always wanted to know why India is still not a developed nation and what is five-year plan and much more such league of topics

who should not go for it?

  • If you are going into commerce thinking that I will become CA because you heard from your family and friends that CA makes a lot of money.
  • If your motivation to take commerce comes from the fact that your friends told you that you have to study less in commerce in comparison to science.

Arts or humanities.

who should go for it?

  • If you have always enjoyed knowing about History of India and world and there is huge appetite in you for more
  • If you like and follow the “dance of democracy” in India and want to know more as to how this kind political system came into being in India and many other parts of the world.
  • If international relations and international ties give you some kind thrill in your belly.

who should not go for it?

  • If it’s just a part of your escape mechanism and you think that you don’t have to study at all and you will ace it with just one or two days of study.


Select your stream because you like it and your strength lies there and not because your family and friends said so.

Your criteria for selecting your stream should only be your interest and any other factors such as how much money you will earn in future and what will society think of you if you don’t go for any particular popular opinion should not be your area of concern.

Always remember that if you feel that you are not enjoying Your choice of stream and feel stuck with it then you have at least six months of time to pull your self out of the prison, at this point most important thing is communication with your parents, do share your problems with them before it gets too late and you end up with depression. 


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