Diary of introspection.

Like always I have given myself another opportunity to make some move in my life, I have again made some promises to myself, I have again shown trust onto myself. I hope this time I don’t disappoint myself because as it looks, this is the last opportunity I have got in order to create a dignified life.

So how do I make some move? Answer to that is fairly simple, get going, don’t look back, don’t look left, don’t look right, just look ahead and run, run for your life because this time if you don’t run you will be run over by this world. Before I make a move it is really important to dig into few fundamental questions such as, why I didn’t make any move till now? what has been holding me back for so long? why am I hopeful that things will be different this time around? okay then, let’s try to find the answer to these question on by one.

Q- Why I didn’t make any move till now?

Ans- The truth is that I tried to change things many times, many times I got off to a good start but sadly every time, I failed to capitalize on to that good start and as the result, I never made any significant change. Then the question that arises now is, what is the reason behind this habit of mine? When I dig deep I can find only one answer, that is, I am too easy on myself, so in order to achieve what I have set to achieve I have to become ruthless, I have to develop an appetite for pain or in one word I have to become a masochist.

Q- What has been holding me back for so long?

Ans- To be honest there is only one thing that is holding me back from reaching the glory and that thing is nothing but me, I, myself. It might sound a little harsh but sadly this is the truth, The truth is that I am scared of hard work and I always try to find the reasons to avoid the hard work, in short, I am a lazy man of the highest degree and if I have any desire to live a dignified life I must beat my  arch enemy, that is,laziness.

Q- Why am I hopeful this time?

 Ans- As my previous record suggests that I have broken my promise time and again so what makes me think that this time I will adhere to my promise, this is quite a natural question to ask, and to be really honest I don’t have any answer to this question, but all I can say is that I am hopeful, and as they say, hope is a good thing may be best of the things and good things never die so will not die my hope and the expectations that I have for myself.


 To conclude I can say only one thing that, this will be a year when I am going to make more mistakes than I ever made because this time around I am going to try the most.


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