My tutor, Cricket , and me.

Back in the day, when I was in 5th standard and I used to have a home tutor who was very strict and was the only villain in my life, to say the least. His timing was the most annoying thing about him, he used to come to my home at four o clock in the evening, when every friend of mine were busy playing cricket I used to attend my home tuition when they were counting balls and runs I was counting multiplication table when they were hitting fours and sixes I was being hit for silly mistakes and to make things worse whenever I used to plan my cricket on Sundays he used to arrive even on Sundays, now I think you can feel pity for me and understand the gravity of the situation.

Everything was fine despite all the unjust that was being laid on me I was doing okay, until one fine day my uncle gifted me a new MRF cricket Bat, now I just couldn’t resist the temptation to show off my new bat which looked ditto like Sachin’s bat to me. So next day I eloped with my bat underestimating the ramifications of my adventure. When I got back home after playing, my mom was curious and furious at the same time she asked me when did you become this brave don’t you know your tutor? he had left looking very annoyed she said and that was it, now my panic button got turned on and I was out my fantasy land then and there with my bat still resting over my shoulder.

Somehow I convinced my self that if I will complete all my home works assigned by him he would forgive me for my mischief, so I sat down that evening worked on my homework with full dedication and concentration and completed it and I even solved some maths exercise in advance to impress him.

Next day It was 3:45 pm in the clock and I was getting ready nervously for my teacher to arrive and went to my bookshelf to take out my homework notebook but wait… it was nowhere in the entire shelf to be found and now the panic monster started to grow bigger and bigger with every passing second, I am running all over my home asking everyone about the notebook covered with brown cover which has nameplate with Sachin’s photo on it but no one knew about it and then suddenly I heard a knock on the door.

I told my self that I would be honest and would take whatever comes my way, I entered my room, my tutor was sitting on the chair and I wished him good evening and sat on the bed with crossed legs, I was assuming first he will ask me about where I had been yesterday but to my surprise he straight away asked me to show my homework now I was literally crying and told him that sir, I did finish my homework but couldn’t find my notebook, now at that very moment his facial muscles and eyes got together and told me a story that is still fresh in my conscience they told me that they trust me, they told me that I might not be good at studies but I would not lie to him, he then ran his hands over my head and told me to once again go and search for it, so I wiped off my tears and went to another room where my bookshelf was and started to search for it again but I couldn’t find it then I don’t know why but I closed my eyes and said God please help me then something fell on my lap from the top of my bookshelf and yes it was my homework notebook.

I showed him my homework with tears in my eyes. Back then I didn’t realize what those tears were for but now I know it was because just in the span five minutes I had witnessed the magic of two of the most powerful things in the world, that is trust and faith.


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